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Six-day tour in the area of Lake Doirani

Arrival in the city of Kilkis and accommodation in one of the hotels of the city (hyperlink).

During our stay in Kilkis, once settled in the hotel, we can take a trip to the north of the city to eat in Efkarpia.Then we can visit the Archaeological site of Terpyllos and Palatiano, where there are also ancient statues (alternatively, we can stay in Kilkis and visit its museums - Archaeological, War Museum, etc. - the Church of St. George and the Cave of Kilkis).

Returning to the city of Kilkis we have the opportunity for some entertainment in one of the many cafes and restaurants of the city.

On the following day, it is proposed to visit the towns of Polycastro and Goumenissa.On the road to Polykastro, we can stop at "Palaio Gynaikokastro" where there is the Byzantine Castle and the archaeological site of Gynaikokastro and Chorygi, where the megalithic monument of Chorygi is located.

The town of Axioupoli presents a special interest, with the Museum of Natural History and at a distance of 8 km from Axioupoli we can arrive at Goumenissa, where we can stay overnight and have dinner.

On the next day we can visit Doirani for our two-day stay in the Lake. During this two-day stay at Doirani, we can engage with alternative activities on the lake and visit the forest of Hilia Dentra and the settlement of Mouries that present unique natural beauty. Moreover, Mount Belles is ideal for activities such as hiking, climbing, etc.

On the fifth day we leave the area of ​​the lake behind and head back to Kilkis through Drosato and Cherso. Following an output path from the area, we can devote an one-day visit to Pikrolimni, on the south of the prefecture (located between Mikrokampos and Xilokeratia), and visit the baths of Pikrolimni or even stay overnight. Here, we can explore the region’s rich flora and fauna.

Completing the six-day tour we depart from the area and return to our base.

Regardless of the season you decide to visit the area, you should take a look at the cultural calendar, as each season and month of the year there are various cultural activities taking place here, such as the custom Kolinte on the Christmas Eve in Goumenissa, the Kourmpani on the 1st of February in Kilkis, the custom of Momogeria on the days of Christmas in Agios Markos, the International Puppet Festival in Kilkis during the first ten days of October, etc.

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