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Axioupoli, Dreveno Position and Toumpa in Paeonia

Μακεδονικός Τάφος Τούμπα Παιονίας Μακεδονικός Τάφος Τούμπα Παιονίας

On the Greek side, two places were the most likely to claim the position of the historical Gortynia. The position Dreveno in Axioupoli, where few sherds of the 4th century BC were found in the gardens of the locals and the archaeological site with the settlement and the remarkable funerary monuments in Touba,Paeonia. Both settlements are exposed by their geographical location, without the natural protection of the narrow entrance on the west side of Axios. 

Their position was certainly an easy target for the intruders and it justifies their allegiance to Sitalkes. It might be that one of the two positions was identified asGortynia. Etymologically, the name of Gortyniais associated with the city of Gortyna in Crete. The first signs of habitation inAxioupoliscome from the main cemetery of the Iron Age and early archaic period, which was found –and a small part of it has been excavated- in the position Byron, on the way to Pigi. The high cultural level of its art, for that period, shows remarkable growth and wealth. 

The modern building activity has covered the area of ​​the settlement and has destroyed its embankments. Unconfirmed reports speak of graves and findings of historical times from contemporary Axioupoli. But the connecting links to complete the path from the prehistory to the classic years are missing.

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