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Pickled Cabbage - Armia

Pickled Cabbage - Armia


Ingredientsfor 4 people

1 large cabbage

coarse salt


1 large clay pot

some chickpeas


Slit the cabbage around the stem, deep enough to form a hole in the middle of it. Remove the heart and fill the gap with coarse salt.

Place the cabbagein a large clay potand add as much water as it takes to cover it.Shake the pot from time to time, in order to mix the salt and the water, and add the chickpeas.

Put some sort of weight on top of the cabbage to hold it in the water, so it won’t turn black, and leave the pot in a cool spot (it will turn bad if the environment is too warm). In about a month Armia will be ready.

When the cabbage is pickled, you can chop it finely to make a salad. Just sprinkle a little olive oil and paprika on top and serve.


Editing & photoshoot :
Stella Spanou
Author of Cooking Books, Award Winning Photographer

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