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Eastern Romelia

Ingredients for 10 people

1 kg flour

½ kg water

20gfresh yeast

1/2 tablespoon sugar

frying oil


to serve:




Heat some water and when it is warm, pour in the yeast, salt, sugar and a little flour to make a batter.Then, add the remaining flour and water in the batter and mix until the dough is soft.Leave it in a warm place for an hour,covered with a towel,to rise.Once the dough is inflated, prepare the Mikikia.

Pour oil in a pot, until it is half-full, and let it burn.

Hold the dough with the right hand and a spoon with the left.Cut the dough into pieces with the spoon (small or large depending on our preference) and place the pieces in the frying oil, until they turn golden.

Serve with honey or sugar.


Editing & photoshoot :
Stella Spanou
Author of Cooking Books, Award Winning Photographer

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