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Monuments of the First World War

In the village ofSkraone can locate the Memorial to the Fallen on the historic Battle of Skra, which was held during the First World Warand determined its development up to a degree. Every year on May 17, there isa memorial to the fallen officers and soldiers of those battles, who belonged to the so-called Greek Division of Cretans and Archipelago. In Skra, the WWI - Battle SkraMuseum also operates since May 2002 in a specially designed area. The museum exhibits artifacts, photographs and historical documents from the Macedonian Front of World War I, along with the instrumental for the Greeks victorious battle of Skra on 17th May 1918. In the settlement of Kristoni, 5 km. south of Kilkis,theSargkiol Graves are located; the British military graves of the fallen during the First World War. Also, in an imposing hill from where the view is breathtaking, especially at sunset, one can find the Allied British Military Cemetery of the fallen in the deadly battle of Doirani, which took place during the First World War. A monument of lions - symbols of the erstwhile British Empire dominates in the area.

Monuments dedicated to the fallen of this war can be found both in Doirani and Mouries. These monuments are in memory of the fallen Cretans. Another impressive monument is located south of the city of Kilkis, in a stunning natural environment, and it is dedicated to the fallen of the murderous and decisive Battle of Kilkis. This battle took place on 21st June 1913, while on the same location the War Museum of Kilkisoperates since 1966, exhibiting rare artifacts from the Balkan wars.

On a hillside on the outskirts of the city of Polykastro 1918 dead soldiers of allied countries rest, who died in this region on which the bloodied Macedonian Front of World War I spanned. Lastly, in the settlement Fanos in Mount Paiko there is the cemetery of the fallen officers and soldiers of the French and Greek army who fought heroically as allies in the surrounding hills, during the First World War. The fallen Greeks that rest here were all of Cretan origin.

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