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Four-day tour in the area of Axioupoli-Goumenissa

Arrival in the city of Kilkis and accommodation in one of the hotels of the city (hyperlink).

We can come to the city of Kilkis following the route through the villages Mikrokampos, Ksilokeratia and Gallikos, with a visit to the archaeological site of Colchida and then to the road leading to Kilkis.

It is also worth devoting one day to visit Pikrolimni (located between Mikrokampos and Ksilokeratia) and the baths of Pikrolimni or even stay overnight before arriving in Kilkis.Here, we can explore the region’s rich flora and fauna.

During our stay in Kilkis, after a one day stay in Pikrolimni (if you choose to do so) we can, once settled in the hotel, take a trip to the north of the city to eat in Efkarpia.Then we can visit the Archaeological site of Terpyllos and Palatiano, where there are also ancient statues (alternatively, we can stay in Kilkis and visit its museums - Archaeological, War Museum, etc. - the Church of St. George and the Cave of Kilkis).

Returning to the city of Kilkis we have the opportunity for some entertainment in one of the many cafes and restaurants of the city.

On the following day, it is proposed to visit the towns of Polycastro and Goumenissa.On the road to Polykastro, we can stop at "Palaio Gynaikokastro" where there is the Byzantine Castle and the archaeological site of Gynaikokastro and Chorygi, where the megalithic monument of Chorygi is located.

The town of Axioupoli presents a special interest, with the Museum of Natural History and at a distance of 8 km from Axioupoli we can arrive at Goumenissa, which is famous for its traditional architecture, abundant water springs, delicious wines and the unique "Halkina" bands of self-taught musicians, where we can stay overnight and have dinner.

The folklore museum with its wonderful exhibits is also worth a visit and it is located in the neighboring village Griva, just 4 km away.

This four-day tour is open to further changes / alternative options.

Our first alternative is to settle in one town for all of the days and to visit the listed locations on daily trips. The second alternative is to engage the visitor with alternative tourism activities, for example, accommodation and activities in Goumenissa such as climbing or hiking or mountain biking in Paiko, etc.

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