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Remembrance Events

19th of May: Commemoration of the Genocide of the Greeks of Pontos in Nea Santa.

Almost every year since 1995, the Association of Pontians of Nea Santa organizes commemorations of the Genocide of the Greeks in Anatolia during the period 1916-1923. The remembrance events for the 353.000 victims of Turkish atrocities committed in Nea Santa take place in the Church of Metamorphosis of our Savior and Captain Euclides’ park and include speeches by notable people.


Saint George of Metalliko - Chorygi-AgiaParaskeui

Saint George ofMetalliko is an earlier church thanSt. George in Kilkis, dating back to 1821. Its pictorial decoration is attributed to the family of the painter Zosimafrom Kolakia (todayHalastra). A little further,in Chorygi, there is a post-Byzantine church of Saint George, which dates back to 1805.

One more historic church of St. George, which dates back to 1800, is located in the village of AgiaParaskeui at the foot of Mount Belles. Characterized by the rich interior decoration, in which the traditional iconography of the early 19thcentury dominates.


Saint John’s Church in Kolchida

A church that dates back to the Byzantine Empire is that of St. John, in the village of Colchida, a few kilometers south of Kilkis, on the eastern shore of Gallikos River. The frescoes of the church belong to the 12thcentury. 

The small three-aisled church was built on the hill opposite of the village, while the hermitage began to work in the cave of ZoodohouPigis (the Life Giving Fountain), located on the west side of the fortified hill. More beautiful small churches, more than a century old, which are worth visiting are those of: the Holy Trinity in Kato Theodorakiof Kroussia and John the Baptist Church, which is located in Eleftherohoriin the municipality of Herso.


Sanctuary Retreat of Saint George in Anydro,Goumenissa

In the ruins of the deserted settlement of Anydro, in a quiet hilly area centered aroundthe old church of St. George, the visitor can see the sacred retreat of St. George, which was founded in August 1991 and is relatively self-contained with a high superintendence from the Bishop of Goumenissa.

The human power of the retreat is 10 nuns. The church, a classic basilica was built between 1800 and 1830 and retains a highly valued Byzantine decor with wood carvings and images of the era on its temple and roof. The complex of the monastery also houses the new church Panagiaof Paramythia with two chapels. There also operates a two storey guesthouse with two rooms, an exhibition of images and artifacts from the nuns and a room for accommodation and food. The new wing includes the workshops and the nuns’ cells.

The nunnery of Anydrois also nearby, which makes for an interesting pilgrimage.


Skra Anniversary

On May 17, the celebration of the anniversary of the heroic victory of the Greek army in the battle of Skra takes place.

The Battle of Skra was held on the 16th and 17th of May 1918 and it is one of the most important battles of World War I, which finally decided the fate of Greek Macedonia. The anniversary events are held with a memorial service at the Memorial of the fallen, delivering of wreaths, announcement of the fallen and a minute of silence, followed by dances of the cultural associations.


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